Advanced Reactors

Most of the 2500+ nuclear papers I collected in the last couple of years are for Gen IV nuclear power plants. Six main designs are being developed through an official Forum made of international consortia, from which a number of independent projects. They are at different level of technology readiness, the main issue being with materials science. A good database is ARIS from the IAEA here with a very generous 2016 .pdf booklet for details about each registered project. This is my present reference for mechanical design studies and comparisons.

Pisa all March

Pisa, Ponte di Mezzo, 28 Nov 2016 ©Giuseppe Cornacchia

Will stay in Pisa one full month then as a guest at of Navacchio. Half professional trip, half vacation, it is 15 years I left. Busy I think but spending the after lunch and the late afternoons at Caffe’ La Borsa, in Corso Italia. Engineering, business development and espressos.

It is unfortunate the JobSud project at is not going to start. It was a local job board targeting Foggia and surrounding provinces with an open platform and an independent ranking algorithm for the preselection of profiles. Problem is the sectorial partner is never ready for a startup and the ship is gone. Will however try some data science studies employing a synthetic population obtained from the latest official public registry, for a conference.


I act as a business dev and advisor for the internationalisation of DronesBench, an innovative tool for the diagnosis of drones from Foggia, Italy. With a novel benchmark for efficiency of drones, two academic collaborations and a pre-series completed, commercialisation is going to follow by the end of April. Educational (for high schools, universities, flight schools) and professional (manufacturers, repairers, certificators) packages offered.

Nuclear research

Since 2010, nuclear engineering research is booming. Computing advancements allow now to clean and homogenise data from thousands documents in order to feed machine learning algorithms for predictive purposes in physics, materials science, mechanical design, etc. I am doing something in this line with my 2500+ papers database for critical components of Gen IV power plants. Calibration of methods and first results from 250 of them are coming this Spring, updates here and an industrial paper out on its way. Art

I was a poet, a translator, a critic, a novelist and a playwright in the past, with some reception in Italy at national level. Not much of a job but one full, mature piece of work for each form as way to explore the tools, mould the language and dictate aesthetics. More recently, I became attracted to figurative arts and have something novel to say as an artist. An online exhibition with one-of-a-kind pieces for sale will be up at next month.

DS 1 – Foggia


Foggia, quartiere Ferrovia – ©Giuseppe Cornacchia, 2017. FS: train station; A and B: degraded quarter; C: unused back zone; Yellow lines: railway boundaries; Red lines: main roads.

I mostly lived in the Southern city of Foggia. It is ranked about 100 out of 110 provinces in Italy for quality of life but there is an ongoing effort at local level to make things better. An open contest asks for urban planning ideas in order to upgrade the Train Station quarter, now degraded because of a strong migrants presence. I will try and use data science methods for a low cost solution in the smart city paradigm. Deadline 10 May 2017, a summary of my effort will be posted here. EDIT: short discussion on Hacker News here

Hello World!

My name is Giuseppe Cornacchia, I am a mature nuclear engineer from Italy with an MSc and a PhD from England. I work as an independent r&d consultant in the mechanical (structural integrity, FEM) and data science (industrial applications) fields. This space will serve as a notebook for applied research endeavours and as a reference for my public schedule. Posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week.