Poem – H News

Making use of the search option to stay
Fences are the only common ground.
Survive your own gift. A lot of times
It may be bootstrapping rescale,
It could even generate more than
Inner friction almost disappears.
Read somewhere it depends on content:
The flow is a bit fast and futile
This is much too common, nowadays,
This is Chernobyl for automotive,
Just declare your top to the rescue
And their needs. They can tell youngsters
And only act at the busiest time
Using purpotedly limited tools
Unrelated hooks that drive people crazy
And the dreamers, uh, a bubble made of few.
Would not work searching dustbins,
It is often a problem of time, three
Frozen or rocky balls into a void somewhat
Keep staying among people.
Even cheaper and strategically located
You know already: without an offer
To worry, we do not want a nuclear war,
The total minimum I need not to pay shippage.
Wanderers were our ancestors
But all three languages still very niche,
Helping local kids set up a local shop
Nothing meaningful comes from them
At your own pace, as a side aspect
But you can still disconnect
Fearing the night and the wiping out.
This is even more incredible than the
Hanging yourself at some sort of cerebral tree
And a boost, the unavoidable predominance
And boredom, that’s why ping pong
It was not the answers but the cultural fit.
Improbable, cumbersome and practically
Neither native nor perfectly fluent
Not want collective intelligence at all.

© Giuseppe Cornacchia, Oct 2016