DronesBench Edu

It is very possible that the DronesBench project, for which I act as an advisor and market tester, will be bought out by some big firm once the EASA regulation for small drones becomes effective in mid-to-late 2018. In the meantime, dissemination is the key and the ability from its inventor and owner, Mauro Pompetti, CEng, to become an influencer at international level. Creating educational drone labs in the schools would also help. Irrespective of the commercial development, in fact, there is an uncontestable, pioneering, academically validated invention (the DronesBench Index for the electro-mechanical efficiency of the drone as a whole) that can be exploited to support a brand. Video case studies, a new dynamic website and the active participation in international drones fairs is what Pompetti needs at this stage. Good luck!

DronesBench Sep 2017

The drones market is booming and new business opportunities are arising quickly. DronesBench® by DPM Elettronica Srl, Foggia, Italy, is one of the most advanced testing tool in the world for the diagnosis of drones up to 5 or 15 kg weight. It is suited for manufacturers, for the certification of the electro-mechanical compliance of a fleet, for academic and applied r&d, for drone repair workshops (coming in handy once periodical certifications are made mandatory by law), for flight training schools, for educational laboratories, for public fairs and media events. Press Release on LinkedIn here.

DronesBench up

Next week the DronesBench will come out with a massive promotional campaign aimed at venture capital, foreign businesses and domestic schools. Time to monetise and hopefully get some good sales under our belt! The commercial drones market is growing fast, important legislation is expected by mid 2018. Our testing machine and original Index may help manufacturers and the general users comply with the electro-mechanical best practices. Educational partners are also important to us, we would like to see a lot of drone laboratories in the Italian high schools. We are really going to contribute wherever possible from Foggia, Italy, with pride and dedication. Follow us! Have a look at the future, have a look at DronesBench!


GeoEngineering to contrast the effects of climate change might become the next big thing with startups, venture capital, etc. It is a controversial matter though, with technologies being put forward at the highest rate than ever. Geoengineering rulebook could be ready by 2020s  and a governance is going to be needed to assess technologies and execute projects following a shared vision, like suggested by the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs. Trying to understand how I can get involved. Stay tuned!

GitHub not

I am reconsidering my commitment to GitHub for showing my data science & deep learning code. Actually, I will not put anything into my account there for the time being. I am neither a public persona living off conferences nor a developer looking for a job, so GitHub is worth very little to me. Fundamentally, I am hearing more and more stories about GitHub accounts being raided by unscrupolous firms who steal the code and resell it under their copyright without a problem. I prefer to keep my things private, then, only releasing reproducible results in a formal manner.

Hacker News

I have been reading Hacker News for two years now, the discussion board emanated by Y Combinator, the world-leading startup accelerator from San Francisco. It is half forum, half blog, discussions come from media linked by the users or from short posts generated by the users themselves. The driving forces are three: how to make money with startups, computer science’s hot topics and the showcase of users’ products. I have been reading it like literature but enough is enough. My recent poem H News is a selection of literary snippets I left there as a user. Ciao.

Hackathon 2020

Italian poetry is locked into its 1960s loop of elitism, moral superiority and pre-massmediatic imagery. Therefore, nothing can be shared with the people running that art, they are entombed. The forefront of aesthetics for the public moved towards visual arts in the 1990s thanks to collective exhibitions and, in my opinion, will meet thematic hackathons in the 2020s. The basic principles remain the same, it is the form that changes, aggregation and insubordination will persist. I do not think I will have a part in that, I am more and more convinced that art is a private matter living through a personal journey.

Parx Plastics

I got in contact with a very interesting applied research business operating in the materials science field between Rotterdam and Bologna. Parx Plastics produces antibacterial plastics and is developing a new line of biocompatible antimicrobial fabrics, for which a transfer learning from a senior researcher is planned soon. They are pretty well introduced and also trying to disseminate their results. My aim at the moment is to familiarise with their methods, possibly reporting back to them in a couple of weeks if suited.

Turin vacation

I use to spend one or two months in Turin every year both as a tourist and to keep in touch with professional fellows from the North-West Italy, while looking for gig opportunities. It seems a bit more difficult this year because of ongoing commitments in Foggia. October may be the time but cannot say yet, therefore cannot book my stay. We will see.

Poem – H News

Making use of the search option to stay
Fences are the only common ground.
Survive your own gift. A lot of times
It may be bootstrapping rescale,
It could even generate more than
Inner friction almost disappears.
Read somewhere it depends on content:
The flow is a bit fast and futile
This is much too common, nowadays,
This is Chernobyl for automotive,
Just declare your top to the rescue
And their needs. They can tell youngsters
And only act at the busiest time
Using purpotedly limited tools
Unrelated hooks that drive people crazy
And the dreamers, uh, a bubble made of few.
Would not work searching dustbins,
It is often a problem of time, three
Frozen or rocky balls into a void somewhat
Keep staying among people.
Even cheaper and strategically located
You know already: without an offer
To worry, we do not want a nuclear war,
The total minimum I need not to pay shippage.
Wanderers were our ancestors
But all three languages still very niche,
Helping local kids set up a local shop
Nothing meaningful comes from them
At your own pace, as a side aspect
But you can still disconnect
Fearing the night and the wiping out.
This is even more incredible than the
Hanging yourself at some sort of cerebral tree
And a boost, the unavoidable predominance
And boredom, that’s why ping pong
It was not the answers but the cultural fit.
Improbable, cumbersome and practically
Neither native nor perfectly fluent
Not want collective intelligence at all.

© Giuseppe Cornacchia, Oct 2016