Inspire and be Inspired

Lemn Sissay, poet, is the Chancellor of The Manchester University since 2015. This is his institutional poem for the university and the city.

Inspire and be Inspired – A poem from Lemn Sissay VIDEO

“Open the dawn in the open sky the laboratory – open the book, open the challenge, with open eyes. Open. Out. Look. Open all minds, open all dreams, research, question Open all doors, open all senses Open all defences, ask: What were these closed for? In the possibilities of light, the nature of trust, the strength of unassailable us. How strong the night lies as light aeriates the dark and atomic dreams multiply from a graphene heart We who have walked the world in the name of here and where we came from stand in this great city and say: I belong here, I belong I bring my past, I bring my future, I bring my rights and I bring my song I stand atop The University of Manchester – we belong here, we belong”


Getting older and realising time is limited, makes me have an eye only on people doing or trying something exceptional with a measurable impact. Work is not work anymore, just a playground to test tools and produce advancements. This should be the mission of research and it is fantastic I can do without the burden of administration, teaching or toxic environments. It is at the forefront of the cliff towards the unknown, with the need to build a way that is actually suspended in air until reinforcement comes from people behind and their communities, possibly not in my lifetime.

DronesBench London

The DronesBench by Mauro Pompetti, Foggia, Italy, will be at The Commercial UAV Show in London, Nov 15-16, with a poster. I will be there with him, pursuing interest from the London startup & VC environment. The DronesBench is currently at the beta, pre-commercial stage, waiting for the 2018 EASA regulation about small drones operations. In the meantime, educational packages are being proposed to technical high schools in Italy through a reseller partner.

Smart Mobility World

“Automotive sector is quickly and completely changing: Main topics of this change, which has just begun, will be electrification, autonomous driving, connectivity and security. Smart Mobility World 2017 faces with these themes considering different points of view: It connects different realities by creating networking, by showing innovative ideas, solutions and devices, by boosting promising startups to find the right ventures capitalists.” Lingotto Fiere, Turin, Italy, 10-11 Oct. Will be there, strolling smartly.


I am being touted for managerial positions more and more in the engineering field. Basically, I might be put in charge of some r&d processes within some sort of structured firm. It would be an employee position, call it middle management. As usual, I am going to listen carefully: my personal r&d projects are settled, literature review been done and original contributions being tested without needing too much time. So what?

DronesBench Edu

It is very possible that the DronesBench project, for which I act as an advisor and market tester, will be bought out by some big firm once the EASA regulation for small drones becomes effective in mid-to-late 2018. In the meantime, dissemination is the key and the ability from its inventor and owner, Mauro Pompetti, CEng, to become an influencer at international level. Creating educational drone labs in the schools would also help. Irrespective of the commercial development, in fact, there is an uncontestable, pioneering, academically validated invention (the DronesBench Index for the electro-mechanical efficiency of the drone as a whole) that can be exploited to support a brand. Video case studies, a new dynamic website and the active participation in international drones fairs is what Pompetti needs at this stage. Good luck!

DronesBench Sep 2017

The drones market is booming and new business opportunities are arising quickly. DronesBench® by DPM Elettronica Srl, Foggia, Italy, is one of the most advanced testing tool in the world for the diagnosis of drones up to 5 or 15 kg weight. It is suited for manufacturers, for the certification of the electro-mechanical compliance of a fleet, for academic and applied r&d, for drone repair workshops (coming in handy once periodical certifications are made mandatory by law), for flight training schools, for educational laboratories, for public fairs and media events. Press Release on LinkedIn here.

DronesBench up

Next week the DronesBench will come out with a massive promotional campaign aimed at venture capital, foreign businesses and domestic schools. Time to monetise and hopefully get some good sales under our belt! The commercial drones market is growing fast, important legislation is expected by mid 2018. Our testing machine and original Index may help manufacturers and the general users comply with the electro-mechanical best practices. Educational partners are also important to us, we would like to see a lot of drone laboratories in the Italian high schools. We are really going to contribute wherever possible from Foggia, Italy, with pride and dedication. Follow us! Have a look at the future, have a look at DronesBench!


GeoEngineering to contrast the effects of climate change might become the next big thing with startups, venture capital, etc. It is a controversial matter though, with technologies being put forward at the highest rate than ever. Geoengineering rulebook could be ready by 2020s  and a governance is going to be needed to assess technologies and execute projects following a shared vision, like suggested by the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs. Trying to understand how I can get involved. Stay tuned!

GitHub not

I am reconsidering my commitment to GitHub for showing my data science & deep learning code. Actually, I will not put anything into my account there for the time being. I am neither a public persona living off conferences nor a developer looking for a job, so GitHub is worth very little to me. Fundamentally, I am hearing more and more stories about GitHub accounts being raided by unscrupolous firms who steal the code and resell it under their copyright without a problem. I prefer to keep my things private, then, only releasing reproducible results in a formal manner.